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Meet the Team

Josiah Duinkerk

Director, Product Designer

Katarzyna Gielement

Virtual Assistant

Vlad Fernoaga

Full Stack Developer

Our Process

These are the 4 phases we engage in as we apply our expertise. Adjusting our approach based on the time- resource and budget constraints.


We begin with Stakeholder Interviews to understand the Project Goals and conduct a Design Inquisition to familiarise ourselves with the brand. We gage constraints with a Technical Inquiry and with the User- and Market Research we define Personas. We formalise all these findings in a Strategy Document.


To test our designs we build High Fidelity Interactive Prototypes and run a Usability Tests to gather user feedback and insight. We base final design decisions on data and therefor often conduct A/B Tests. After iterating, we fine-tune the design and enhance it with Polish & Animation.


With the business strategy and user needs defined we build User Journeys to visualise the path taken to accomplish tasks within the app. This forms the basis for the Information Architecture that lays out the app blueprint. We use Wireframes to run Feasibility Validation with developers before moving over to the Visual Design. 


To safeguard the optimal user experience, we ensure developers have proper Design Documentation and specs. We strongly believe in empowering our clients to be self sufficient and therefor conclude a project with a Release- and Engagement Strategy.

"Annut is goed op de hoogte van de nieuwste UX/UI trends, maar ze zijn kritisch: ze weten juist die concepten in hun designs toe te passen die gewoon werken! Dit heeft ons een enorm fris, knallend en eigentijds design opgeleverd dat op alle fronten rekening houdt met de gebruikservaring van de user; zowel op web als app!"

Jeffrey Rossum

Director Reclamefolder



Let's create digital awesome'ness together.