Moving has been classified as one of the 5 major stressors in a person’s life. As I experienced this first hand, I set out to identify the contributing factors to the stress and endeavoured to resolve them through a digital offering. After extensive research and many iterations I designed an app that utilises gamification metrics to help home owners discover their personal style by browsing through the inventory of multiple stores.


Based on your shopping lists and matches, 

the algorithm learns your style and presents

suitable items and promotional offers. 


 Try different furniture lay outs with actual product dimensions in a 2D space and compare the total price with different items. 


Set the filter criteria and invite partners or friends to help browse the inventory of multiple stores in a Tinder-style experience.


Using product details and your home’s dimensions the amount of material needed is automatically calculated.


A pre-filed list of items needed per living area helps users set realistic budgets that are automatically updated as they add items. 


Compare the prices of items in your shopping list with other vendors and get updates of sales and specials from the stores you shop at.